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Friday Link Love: More Content Edition

Ah, I apologize for kind of half-assing it this week. Coming back from vacation has been harder than I expected. I missed posting yesterday because my Internet connection was down all night, AND my cable was also down so all I did was watch disaster movies and eat pretzels. This weekend I’ll get my ass […]

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Some Days Are Better Than Sundays

Ha! Tricked you into thinking this was a real post with the title! Actually, it’s link love. So here we go. M. LeBlanc at Bitch Ph.D wrote a thought-provoking article on women changing their names to their husband’s when they get married. I like it! It’s a subject that hasn’t been overdone. When I got […]

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Lazy Thursday Link Love

I need a day off, however, I do promise fresh new content daily, so I’m obligated to throw you some kind of bone. Here’s some things I’ve been thinking about and reading lately. I was featured on Erika Lopez’ Monster Girl Mondays, you can check that out. Kate (the webmistress) is a doll. Check her […]

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Link Love Friday

I apologize for the dearth of posts this week. It’s my first week back at my day job and I’ve been focusing on keeping my soul from dying (I work an office job at a lawyer’s office). I’ve found lots of great links for you this week, though. ♥ The Cut comments on popular straight […]

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Friday I’m in (Link) Love

Threadbared has a really toothsome post up about “carceral chic”, inspired by Calvin Klein’s S/S preview show at a decommissioned Singapore prison. Remember when models were women and not children? Well apparently “older is the new black“, as evidenced by the presence of models older than 14 on the runways this season. Coco Rocha not […]

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Link Love

I’m having gallbladder surgery on Friday and I have a bunch of stuff at work to do so I’m probably going to be out until around Sunday, after I stop being so groggy from the anesthesia and am able to write again. But — I will be home recovering all week next week so I’ll […]

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