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That Not-So-Fresh Feeling

As Tertullian stated long ago, and Summer’s Eve reinforces today: “Woman is a temple built over a sewer”. Thank god there’s a dizzying array of “feminine hygiene” products marketed toward female-identified folk to help conceal that awful raw sewage smell naturally emanating from our crotchal region. We’ve got several kinds of special wipes, from Monistat […]

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New Happenings

Tomorrow I’ll be driving (well, riding) up to Oregon to visit family, a 12 hour ride with no Internet other than the awful EDGE network on my iPhone. I’ll be gone until the 5th. I should have Internet access while I’m up there, but I may be too busy to write or respond to comments […]

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Some Days Are Better Than Sundays

Ha! Tricked you into thinking this was a real post with the title! Actually, it’s link love. So here we go. M. LeBlanc at Bitch Ph.D wrote a thought-provoking article on women changing their names to their husband’s when they get married. I like it! It’s a subject that hasn’t been overdone. When I got […]

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