Shopping Bloopers And Practical Jokes

Much love to Gabi of Young Fat & Fabulous. I walked my ass down to the H&M in Old Pasadena at lunch on Monday and bought the beige dress with black beading and sequins on the shoulders featured in this post. I am totally in love with it. The first day I wore it I made the mistake of cutting the ribbon on the back holding the edges together. So all day I had to deal with it falling down my shoulders making me look like I was an extra in Flashdance. This is how crazy I am — I then decided that I have got to buy a new one since i “ruined” mine. So I made up some excuse about having to go for a walk and hoofed it on down back to H&M. The store had just opened and I didn’t technically have to start work for another hour, so I took my time browsing and picked up a couple other pieces that I’ll have pictures of soon (just like I’ll figure out how to do video posts soon).

I did end up returning the second dress I got because I discovered the magic of double-stick tape. I just took the dress I had “ruined” and taped that shit to my bra in the bathroom at work. It lasted pretty much all night. I know stylists and whoever are always hawking that pink hollywood tape, and I’m guessing it’s just prettier, more expensive double-stick tape. When I got home I used my super DIY sewing skills to sew the ribbon piece back on to the dress. It barely slips now, and if it does I’ve got my Scotch tape so I’m like unstoppable now. Well, when I’m wearing the dress.

Jess made a comment about expensive skin care products and it made me remember some information I wanted to pass on to y’all.

Tip #1: Don’t buy products just because they say they have “collagen” in them. Collagen molecules cannot penetrate the skin, they’re too large. They just sit on top of your skin and don’t help replenish lost collagen at all. You can get collagen injections, which explains the fish lips of so many unfortunate celebrities. But you can’t absorb collagen through the skin. Sorry!

Tip #2: Don’t believe the hype. Fancy ingredients don’t necessarily make for a more effective product. Tried-and-true ingredients like retinol (for wrinkle reduction and evening out skin tone), alpha and beta hydroxy acids (for exfoliation and evening out skin tone), soy (for evening out skin tone/”brightening” skin), and salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide (for acne) are ingredients you can count on. Do your research on cosmetic ingredients by reading The Original Beauty Bible: Skin Care Facts for Ageless Beauty. (If you use that link I get a cut, so use it!)

Tip #3: Gentle and simple are best. Don’t overload your skin with a lot of products. If you’re going to use a moisturizer with say, alpha hydroxy acids in it, don’t also layer on a serum with retinol, or a face wash with benzoyl peroxide, etc. I would suggest using a gentle, natural cleanser, a gentle toner if needed, and save the fancy ingredients for what stays on your face the longest – your moisturizer, or if you’re oily, a gel product with your choice of active ingredient depending on what you’re trying to achieve. I personally have very sensitive skin so I don’t use either. You may find your face is fine just by washing twice a day and avoiding irritants. But if you’re trying to even out blotchy skin or reduce wrinkles, you can apply an oil-free product. If you have dry skin, ALWAYS MOISTURIZE. And if you’re mostly oily but have dry patches like your cheeks or around your mouth, you should apply an oil-free moisturizer on those spots too. I don’t believe that every skin type needs a moisturizer; I think that’s propaganda to sell more products. But do what feels right for you.

Last tip: DO NOT sleep in makeup. I know you’ve probably heard this everywhere, but trust that you will wake up with some kind of skin eruption. In fact, I would suggest removing your makeup as soon as you get home to let your skin breathe. If you’re not going anywhere that night, of course. But even then I’d suggest removing the makeup, washing your face, and reapplying your makeup to freshen it and remove all the gunky crap that builds up on your face over the day.

  • Welbyk


    You have really contiributed very good info here.

  • Snarky's Machin

    I want that dress. You need to post pics and stop teasing us!

  • Tasha Fierce

    I know, I know. But that just makes it all the more exciting when the pics get posted!

  • redlami

    I'm definitely with you on tip #2. I have very dry skin pretty much everywhere on my body — except for my face — and especially my hands and feet. For years I did the standard guy thing with my skin — nothing. Finally I got sick of the way my skin looked (flaky) and felt (itchy) and started trying out various moisturizers until I found one that worked (a CVS knockoff of Eucerin Creme) that I put on after every shower. I also put some in a small pill bottle that I carry in my murse to use after handwashing during the day.

  • Tasha Fierce

    Hahah "murse". That made me LOL.